Ischia is an island which belongs to the Flegree islands group in the District of Naples. With its 62.733 inhabitants is the third most populous Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia. In ancient times it was known as “Pithekoussai” (islands of jars). The island is about 18 sea miles far from Naples. Ischia presents a coastline of 34 km and an area of about 46.3 km². The highest point is represented by Mount Epomeo (788 meters), located in the center of the island. The special cone formation of the island of Ischia with Mount Epomeo in the center, and the geographical location of the island in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, favor a mild climate even in winter with frequent weather changes, sometimes in the same day. From administrative point of view, the Island is made up of six municipalities: Barano d'Ischia, Ischia, Casamicciola Terme, Serrara Fontana, Lacco Ameno and Forio.

Productive activities and inhabitants

Ischia is an island with a strong tourist vocation. The tourists origin is both local and international, they come to the island to enjoy the many delights and famous spas. Another source of income is the agriculture. In particular Forio has always been the main agricultural district thanks to its very fertile soil that allows different crops: grapes, olives, citrus fruits, cereals, chestnut, vegetables and fruits. Traditionally fishing and maritime activities have always been minor, although the island is full of harbors and beaches, especially on the northern coastal slope.


The commitments of all Ischia Municipalities, included in “Covenant of Mayors” signed in 2013, are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions of 20% by 2020, at preparing the sustainable energy action plan and at involving citizens through events on the topics of energy efficiency. Ischia is also virtuous island on waste collection service management. “Comuni Ricicloni Campania” website shows Barano and Ischia Municipality reaching respectively 63% and 57% of waste recycled in the year 2015. These results are attributable to strong citizen awareness campaign implemented by both municipalities. In Forio municipality the first integrated platform of mobility and logistics has been realized in 2013. The objective was to start the development of a mobility and goods transport system without polluting emissions thanks to the use of 100% electrical vehicles.


Today Ischia is one of the few Italian islands connected to the national grid through a subterranean conduit.
The town of Serrara Fontana is planning to build an organic cycle pilot plant, which will be able to generate electricity and heat without producing emissions into the environment. The pilot plant will use geothermal fluids as a source. There are also several public and private initiatives of photovoltaic panels installation.


All Ischia towns joined the "Covenant of Mayors" in the year 2013: an initiative promoted by the European Commission with the aim of involving the European Cities in the path of energy and environmental sustainability by pursuing the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol. There is also an ongoing project of citizenship environmental awareness named “Energia Sostenibile per l’Europa”.



Smart Island is a project funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and carried out by CNR IIA which aims to find solutions to increase energy efficiency, economic and environmental sustainability of the whole system of production, management, distribution and use of the island of Lampedusa.